Welcoming- Coffee

09:30- 10:00

10:00- 10:10

Introduction by Day chair

10:10- 10:30

Kim van Adrichem

Machine Learning for Inorganic-Organic Hybrid Materials

10:30- 10:50

Alberto Carta

Simulation of Excitonic Transport in Self-assembled Nanofibers

Coffee Break

10:50- 11:10

11:10- 11:30

Panagiotis Koutsogiannis

Structural Investigation of Metal Nanoparticle thin films Prepared by Spark Ablation Deposition Technique

11.30- 11:50

Sameer Rodrigues

Complex Coacervation Based on Polyglutamic Acid and Protamine Sulfate

11:50- 12:10

Cristhian Sumba

Theoretical Study on the Locked Movement in a Molecular Motor

Lunch Break

12:10- 12:55

12:55- 13:15

Jack Mayo

Developing Machine Learning Algorithms for Predicting Structure-function Relationship in Molecular Tunneling Junctions

13:15- 13:35

Evgenios Stylianidis

Thiol-based Ligands for Water Soluble PbS Quantum Dots Inks and their Electronic Properties in Thin Films

13:35- 13:55

Miina Leiviskä

Simulations on charge transport in doped Organic Semiconductors 

Coffee Break

13:55- 14:15

14:15- 14:35

Yahia Mostafa

Deuteration of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons: A journey across space

14:35- 14:55

Vincent Goossens

Anti-icing Coating on the Basis of Graphene

14:55- 15:15

Amara Zahid

Simulating Evolutionary Dynamics of Seed Evolvable Systems of Peptide- nucleotide Self Assembling molecular Self Replicators

Dr. Bertus Beaumont


Bionanomachine Evolution and Nanoecology
A story on real-time modular evolution in the bacterial flagellar motor and the nanoscopic anatomy of a bacteriophage attack

15:35- 16:35

Closing of the Nanosymposium

Announcement of the teacher of the year!

16:35- 17:00